Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pirate of my Heart

I've tried blogging many times. The problem was that I've never really had anything to say that I felt anybody would want to read. Well, several years ago, I started reading a blog by a dear friend of mine from in game. I found her blog extremely awesome and I loved to read it. The most surprising thing was that it was a blog of her rants.

Now I know what I want to blog about.  I want to blog about the people I've met and the adventures we've had. The people and adventures who have given me the most fun of my FFXI career.

My first blog post will therefore be dedicated to my best friend and adventuring companion.

Everyone who knows her probably knows her as Jacinda, even if her character name has changed. She will always be Jaci to us. She is probably the most modest person I know. Holding two empyrean weapons among a plethora of other notable gear, she doesn't see herself as "Elite" or "Veteran". Her cleverness is unsurpassed among any of my friends. If ever there was a demigod child of Athena, it would be Jaci. I can say with 100% certainty that many of my most memorable FFXI moments have been out in the field with Jaci. Because of the hours of friendship and entertainment she has provided me, I have no trouble saying she is my best FFXI friend and I can only hope to find a woman like her.

Now, all my experiences with Jaci can be broken down into three eras. The Samurai Era, The Corsair Era and the newly emerging Ninja Era. When we were on Hades server and early into Cerberus, I only knew her as a Samurai. Every time I would meet up to go adventuring with her, you could count on two things. An Askar body and a corsage in her hair. Eventually, this changed into the Jaci I know today. The Pirate, The Scoundrel, The Corsair. The Askar has gone away and a crimson empyrean frac now displays her power. Armageddon in hand, she brings ruin to the battlefield from afar. But what makes Jaci the way she is has not changed. You can still find her in her corsage, a symbol I now relate directly to her. Her personality is unchanged. Modest, kindhearted, sweet and clever.

Her focus recently has been Ninja. Through many late nights, rough battles and unpleasant pickup groups, we accomplished a goal I never thought possible. We completed two empyrean weapons together. I received my Almace and she received her Kannagi. I cannot express how proud of her I am. I know she had her Armageddon, but Kannagi was done under her own power. No linkshell could lay claim to it and nobody could touch her Ninja.

She'll never admit it, but she is a truly accomplished player who deserves recognition for her hard work. It's my honor to call her a dear friend.

Jacinda, never doubt that you are important to your friends. We are with you all the way, because we know that you would support us in the same way.

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